Double Bubble Slot Machine




If you are one of those people, who like the idea of going on a safari holiday, then this is the perfect game for you. Safari as the central theme of the game, NetEnt brings yet another gambling slot for its dedicated players, Double Bubble.

People playing the game for the first time will definitely get confused, since it appears to have three spinning reels, but instead it actually has nine reels, as each symbol spins separately. It consists of eight pay lines.

The minimum coin value allowed per bet is 0.10 and the maximum coin value allowed per bet is 0.20. Amateur players need to be slightly careful since the Max Bet option will automatically bet eight coins per pay line, regardless of the coin value; hence, the maximum bet could go up to 12.80 per spin!

Hit the lines vertically, horizontally or diagonally to win an amount. This game also gives the feature of placing a bet on all of the lines, by selecting the All Lines option. Whereas Clear Bets will clear the bets placed. You need to know that the maximum bet cannot be more than 64 coins.

The various theme-related symbols that you’ll come across while playing this slot are Safari Ranger, Lion, Bar, Crocodile, Jeep, Giraffe and Hippo.

Guide-The Scatter Symbol

The scatter symbol in the game is the Guide. The player can get between two and nine Guide symbols and will be paid according to the pay table.

The scatter symbol does not follow the pay line rules. Whatever amount is won, is added to the pay line.

Playing Basics

In order to place a bet, the player has to click on Bet Lines option, which will give them the option of selecting the number of lines. The more you click, the more lines will be added to the bet.

Coin value can be seen in the display, which is present below the game option buttons. If you want to place the maximum amount in a single bet to try your luck, then you can select the Max Bet option. The bet value can be seen on the left hand side of the screen, whereas the total amount can be seen at the bottom of the screen.

Spin option will enable the reels to spin and the bet amount will be automatically deducted from your account. In case you have opted for Bet Max, the reels will start spinning automatically, without hitting the Spins button.

The Skill Stop Feature

Like other games from NetEnt, this game too offers the Skill Stop option. By using this option, the player can stop the spinning of the reels by clicking the Spin option in the middle of the reels spinning.

When you hit the Spin, all the reels will start spinning, hitting Spin the second time will stop the reels and the computer will automatically check if the combination is the winning one and accordingly pay the player.

The Final Verdict

Many of the other slot games are pretty famous among the players and Safar Madness game is no exception.

Overall, it’s a fun and entertaining game since the animals keep the players entertained all through. Soundtrack provides company to the theme of the game, along with visually rich graphics-perfect for animal lovers!

Reel Steal Slot Game

Reel Steal (not to be confused with Reel Rush) includes five reels to play on and nine bet lines, giving you multiple chances to make a winning spin. The game is based on a gangster inspired feel, with the symbols definitely giving that vibe off. Ranging from a mobster boss through to dynamite and briefcases with treasures, there’s enough to amp up the anticipation as you’re waiting for your reels to stop spinning.


How to Play:


The game is similar to others in its genre. In order to play, you must place a wager which can range between 0.01 and 0.50 per bet line, with a maximum of 10 coins played per line. Players can change the settings as they play, deciding on how much they want to place as a wager per spin, and how many bet-liens they want to be activated. This can make the game easier or harder, depending on what settings you choose and how lucky you are when those reels stop! The highest pay-out that you can get for this game is 1,500 credits, followed by a second high pay-out at 1,000 credits.


Skill Stop Feature


As the player in Reel Steal, you can control when the reels stop by pressing the spin button again. Not only can this provide a quicker gaming experience but you can use it to try and score the symbols that you need in the order that you need them. Being able to stop the reels when you think you’ve seen your symbol can give you the ability to either get a winning bet line, or even activate some of the game’s bonuses, such as the free spin bonus round.


Free Spin Bonus


If three or more scatter symbols (the dynamite) appear on your reels, this is enough to activate the free spin bonus round, which awards you with free spins to use to try and boost your winnings a little. You can win up to twenty five free spins depending on how many scatter symbols you manage to get on your reels. The minimum that you can win is fifteen for three scatters or twenty five if you receive five scatter symbols in one spin. During this round, you are unable to change any of the settings, including how many active bet lines you have.


As well as having extra spins in order to win extra credits, if the wild symbol appears during the free spin, it will add a twenty five multiplier to any of the winning combinations it completes, upping your winnings further. This only applies when the symbol is on the reels and all figures return to their normal value on spins without the wild symbol.


While in this round, if three or more scatter symbols appear again, you are awarded more free spins and they will be added to your remaining free ones. This can continue on and you can have the potential to receive an unlimited number of free spins.

Once you have used all your free spins, the bonus round ends and you will be returned to the main game to continue on as normal. All winnings in the free round will be based on the value of the coins you’ve already placed on the activating paid spin previously and will be added to the total win for your game. Our recommended casino for Reel Steal is Ladbrokes –  you can find a bonus here.


The Symbols


Wild Symbol


The wild symbol in Reel Steal, sticking with the theme, is a getaway car. If this lands, it is classed as a wild multiplier symbol. This symbol can substitute for other symbols on the reels in order to give you the winning spin that you need. As well as this, if this symbol appears and completes a winning bet line it will also multiply those winnings by five, further upping your winnings. This symbol cannot substitute the scatter symbol however and cannot grant you access to the free spin round.


Scatter Symbol


In Reel Steal, the scatter symbol of dynamite does not need to land on an active pay line to count. It can appear anywhere across the reels and still count as long as there are two or more. Two counts as a winning combination and three symbols appearing on the reels will activate the bonus round. If you score two scatters and have other winning combinations, then you will receive a pay-out per bet line that you won on.


To Win


To win in Reel Steal, you need to match a minimum of two scatter symbols or three of any other symbol. The more that you manage to match, the higher your pay-out will be and the closer you can be to winning the max pay-out. The value of all credits that you win depends on your initial wager and will be automatically generated by the game at the end of each spin. You can only win on enabled pay lines.